Sunday, March 21, 2010

Brenda's Natural Health Tips

What are some of your ideas regarding how the Federal Government is exercising it's power of control over private businesses, not to mention the big changes planned for the rest of us? I'm beginning to feel as if there is really no right or wrong answer here, only how your thoughts are making you feel about these issues.

Reforming health care in the U.S. has definitely become one of the most emotionally charged debates of the new century. If you tend to lean too far to the left on this issue you might feel powerless, and that there must be some central government, 'official authority organization' that needs to stand up to oversee and protect those who are incapable of making smart decisions pertaining to their own health care needs.

Leaning too far to the right on this issue is what some folks would consider those well-intentioned, official authority souls as 'do gooders'. The average amongst us can not possibly make it in this big bad world of disease and sickness without the wise guidance and counsel of another in political service power.

Federally funded organizations such as the 'Department of Health and Human Services', the 'Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration' and the 'Agency for Health Care Research and Quality' (huh, first time I have ever heard of that one) teaches racial groups or lower paid wage earners how important "parental involvement", "preventing childhood obesity" and "mental health recovery" is to human health. They also want us to know that kids should not be drinking alcohol or smoking pot.

That's a good call, don't you think?

I find these ads particularly strange and condescending to most people's emotional intelligence, considering they approve of prescription drugs to treat certain modern childhood conditions such as ADD and ADHD.

With all of the federal funds being spent on administrative costs of running these type of better health organizations, don't you think a lot of money could be more wisely spent at teaching the average tax payer how to do our country a big financial favor in taking some responsibility for their own basic health care needs? There is not going to be enough money in this country's future to keep throwing at a system that mainly teaches us how to live with, and manage, diseases and conditions that are deemed incurable (by the current status quo system) in eating dead foods and patching all that up with expensive treatments that don't seem to be curing a thing. We seem to be leaning towards promoting a dead and dying culture instead of advancing a live and living culture by eating more living foods for prevention.

Prevention in eating more live foods really does work. I'm walking around every day living the reality of that. I have a close friend named 'Chris'. He approached me several months ago. He was interested in what I knew about diet, exercise, and emotional enrichment. He wanted to know if I could help him lose some weight and expand his knowledge of how to do it successfully for life. I told him sure I could, if he had the motivation and desire to learn a different way.

We've been at it about 2 and a half months now. At this point, he has lost about 20 pounds. He is striving to end up weighing around 220 pounds. After this weekend, I can honestly say that he is still doing a fine job at reaching his goal.

Whether it's losing some serious weight, lowering blood pressure or tending to unproductive thought patterns, a lot of people are starting to come to the conclusion that it makes sense that they are going to end up 'paying' for their health care regardless of how they choose to do it. And, there are a lot of choices available to help you do it out there. No one way is the right way, only you know which would be the best way for you.

How can you tell which way is the best way? I think that could be determined by which way makes you feel better, and costs less to implement in the long run. No one should have someone else's idea of health care reform forced upon them if it feels bad to you. If you are not feeling good about what is being proposed, then what can you do to make it feel better for yourself? How much work would that be, and would it be worth it?


At 10:22 PM, Anonymous Dr. Carlos M. Gonzalez said...

Hi Brenda... I have sent Obama my opinion of how if everyone has healthcare coverage that does not translate to a healthier nation. You can read the entire letter on my website.

You are so right about choosing what is right for us. Unfortunately many people have been brainwashed into believing they need pills to make them healthy. Man..... I could go on and on so I better stop.

Glad to see you spreading the message of a better way to health.

Dr. Carlos M. Gonzalez


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