Thursday, September 01, 2011

Besides Not Drinking Enough Water, What Is The Next Biggest Health Threat?

Next to not having the water you need everyday to do the things you want to do with it, and drink it, what is the next biggest challenge with our water supplies?

If you guessed contamination, you would be correct. Unless you've had your head in a hole in the sand over the last decade, what makes you think your water source is better than it could be? With literally hundreds of reports like this one coming out every year, what are you using as an excuse to deny the obvious?

When drought conditions strike a region, have you ever noticed how if effects the human fear factor? The scare of short water supplies gets nearly everyone in high gear. When there is a good possibility that their water may be contaminated, they want to believe a lot of people are taking care of the problem for them. So, they don't concern themselves nearly as much.

But, there is a good way to take the matter into your own hands, without costing you a fortune. It will only treat your drinking water, and not the whole house of course, but that is a great place to start.

Besides not drinking nearly enough water, most are drinking unsafe water to boot. Even if they know how beneficial drinking enough water is to their health, they've never even heard of antioxidant water. It's all about the type of filter you use to create it!

What type of filtration system are you using to clean your water? Is it ionized after running through the filter? If not...why not?

AlkaStream costs sightly more than many household water filter systems, yet costs much,much less than ALL electric water ionizer machines. What's not to love about that?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What's Your Excuse?

I regularly follow a blog called, 'Water FYI', written by a guy named Rob Thomas. I like what he has to say about water, and various other related stuff, when it pertains to health improvement. This week Rob made a comment on his August 9th post that I really agreed with, and got me to thinking as to why what he said made good sense.

He writes, "the economy is scary, but not as scary as being unhealthy".

Think about his statement for a few minutes, or think about it as long as you like. What bigger picture questions does this open up your mind to? I can think of several, and I'm sure you could too if this was an overnight homework assignment.

A few probing questions I've thought of:

(1) How many unproductive days are lost at work due to not feeling well, or ongoing chronic health issues? Doesn't matter whether you choose to stay home and nurse yourself along, or suck it up and go to work regardless of how you feel.

(2) How does systemic pain affect your overall productivity and creativity, whether that be on an everyday social level, or your lifetime income earning potential?

(3)How many people feel trapped inside the American medical disability system? Granted it's a decent temporary emergency safety net program that bides you some valuable time, until you can figure out what your going to do about your health challenges on a long term basis.

(4)Of the people that have been inside the medical disability program for two years, or longer,I wonder how many are tired of having their annual income earnings scrutinized by those in authority to kick them off the system? I wonder how many would like to find an easier, simpler, and cheaper way to handle 'diseases', 'disorders' or 'genetic malfunctions'?

Remember, the answers to these questions (or yours) are only as good as the questions you ask.

Water (clean filtered water to be more specific) is the main catalyst the modern world is wanting to turn the current health care crisis tide around for the better.

Why ionized water has remained in relative obscurity in north America, over the last dozen years or so, had mostly to do with the over idolization of the income earning potential of the product value in our culture. Not to mention, the back stabbing and name calling. Thus, creating an over inflated pricing bubble that hindered the industry, not help it. If an ionized drinking water system is not considered just as an important enough of an investment as a clothes washing machine is in the home, and its cost saving value is not appreciated for what it can truly do to help keep the inside of you clean and healthy, than an entire industry has failed itself.

Well, I'm happy to say that this has all changed, starting in late 2010! What's your excuse now?

Are you still going to complain about how things are for you now, health wise? Or, would you be willing to change a few things, and implement some new lifestyle habits that will bring about the changes you have been searching a long time for?

Initial investment for an antioxidant water filter - $329.00 plus shipping - filter replacement every 6 mo. $200.00 plus shipping a year - noticeable results (priceless).

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Changing What You Drink Will Make An Impact On Your Health

Anyone who knows me very well at all, knows one thing, I am deeply passionate about drinking water. I have done it for a long, long time now, and I can say with all honesty that it is the one thing I have done religiously to improve my health the most.

Alkaline/ionized water is better than tap water though. It does not fill you up too much. You can drink a lot more of it without the water sloshing around in your stomach. It hydrates you quicker and more efficiently. It's alkaline and will help you digest food easier and neutralize acid, and energize you better than caffeine! Oh, did I mention energize you faster too? That would be from the millions of tiny, negatively charged hydrogen ions you can visually see after you run a glass full of ionized water.

In all the water ionizer marketing talk, you will hear a lot about Dr. Batmanghelidj's book, "Your Body's Many Cries For Water", a ground breaking health recommendation of drinking half your body weight in ounces of water every day. And while you will eventually get the point (that following this doctors water recipe will change your life) water ionizer marketers completely forget to mention HOW IMPORTANT adding sea salt to your diet is. There is a difference in salt, and it is not the rat poison that most American doctors tell you it is. More on that subject here.

Ionized water or tap water, whatever you choose, don't forget about adding the salt along with it! Dr. B never believed in any type of designer water, especially if the purpose was to make money off of it. Consider him old fashioned maybe, but possibly a little biased. He grew up in a generation that did not believe in exploiting something as simple and basic as water is to survival. There certainly has been some exploiting of water in the water ionizer business, though, over the last 10-12 years in the United States. Prices of the electric ionizer machines (although they work really great) have kept many people away from a very good thing for their health!

But, you can say the bottled water industry has, also, exploited a simple and basic substance of life too. Nowhere in either highly profitable business can you be assured of cleaner, healthier water to drink! Dr. B did advise, if you felt your drinking water supply was contaminated, to purchase a decent filter system if you plan on a lifetime commitment of drinking more water.

I don't think very many of us can dispute the need for a cleaner source of drinking water in our homes. Reports are brought to our attention every day, of what is being found in our drinking water supplies. There are so many different choices to pick from in home drinking water filtration systems. Some home water filter systems, can be as expensive as the electric water ionizers (which do not have great filters on them to begin with). Plus you won't be getting the great health benefits of ionized water with just a filter alone.

AlkaStream, finally, has the ability to bridge that gap at long,long last. In fact, the company is so dedicated to reaching their goal of affordability in every home that wants one, they have recently lowered the price of their non-electric ionized water filter by $100.00.

One person at a time, one household at a time the bridge is being built to introduce clean filtered, ionized water to those who have never even heard of ionized water before. And for those who have known about it, they are jumping on this opportunity faster than you can shake a stick at it.

Which is going to leave the electric water ionizer business in a bit of a state of shock on what they are going to do about their prices. Should be interesting...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Conventional Medicine Is Not Interested In Curing Anything

It is way past time for America, and many other modernized nations, to wake up to the fact that we are drowning in debt regarding health care costs. Did you know that we all pay for this insanity when we have bought into man's drug arrogant ignorance?

If this Free solution does not help you, then what are you going to use as your excuse? This really isn't rocket science folks, and even a ten year old can understand this important health message.

The proof is in using this cure on your beloved pets. Those precious animals of ours do not drink alcohol or caffeine beverages. They are not susceptible to corporate advertising that tricks them into replacing their water intake. If we love our animals we make sure they are offered fresh water everyday. Add a 1/4 tsp. of sea salt per 1 qt. of drinking water and watch what happens to an arthritic dog! In just a matter of a few days you will notice profound changes.

Some little known salt facts:

(1) Lack of water will kill you quicker than lack of anything else besides oxygen. In the Middle Ages the worst criminals were put to death without allowing them any salt. It was the slowest most painful death known of at the time. It took about 30 days for them to die.

(2) 2000 years ago salt was used as money. In fact, the word :"salary" comes from the word salt.

(3) All warm blooded animals must have salt to live.

(4) The human brain and spine is in a sac of of salt water called CSF (cerebrospinal fluid). This liquid circulates throughout the brain and spinal cord.

(5) We all spent approx 9 our mothers belly floating in salt water ( amniotic fluid).

(6) Our tears are salty and we sweat salt.

We have been taught to fear salt, over the last 3o years or so. We have been lead into believing a salt-free diet is healthy for us. Nothing could be further from the truth! No where in this silly salt-free diet campaign was anyone of higher knowledge informing us that regular table salt has only about 3 minerals, while sea salt has over 50 trace mineral elements. BIG, BIG DIFFERENCE!

But, a myth that has been drilled into your head thousands of times is hard to let go of. Did you know that the body holds on to salt as a last resort to HOLD on to what little water reserves remain inside of you? The more chronic pain, depressed moods and clouded thinking you are experiencing, the MORE dehydrated you are! Again, it does not take a medical degree to validate this fact for yourself. You are simply not drinking nearly enough water, and way too much coffee, tea, alcohol and soda!

Your system has become acidic, from being dehydrated. And, water along with salt neutralizes the acidic burning going on inside of you. Water the great alkalizer (equalizer) to the rescue!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

What's Salt Got To Do With The Water Cure?

If, or when, you ever get a chance to read a really important little book about how water can make a huge difference in your health, you'll wonder why in the world you you didn't pay attention before now! "Your Body's Many Cries For Water", should be a book that every household owns, and passes on down to each generation like the Holy Bible has been.

Only this little book will make an even bigger difference in people's lives, because it will be a simple lesson that nearly everyone will feel and notice right away. Along with the 'water cure' recipe, it is recommended that you use celtic sea salt along with the water drinking. It's very important you do, so pay very, very close attention when you get to that chapter in the book called, " A Salt Free Diet Is Utterly Stupid".

Don't get to caught up the type of salt you buy, other than absolutely stay away from the .99 cent white bleached salt. A brand that I have used exclusively for a very long time is a sea salt that comes from a salt mine in Redmond, Utah. It is very easy to find in health food/grocery stores across the U.S., and will be cheaper than celtic or Himalayan salt, because it is not imported from outside the continent. I find a super great buy on mine at my local Amish bulk food store.

If you are in doubt about the water/salt cure to robust health, you might be interested in trying it on your pet first. Many folks will just dismiss the information I am providing here in total disbelief. But, if they have a beloved dog or cat that is suffering terribly they will usually try something like this on their pet before they will on themselves. Flip through some of the testimonials on this web page and see if it makes a believer out of you.

There are lots of links on this site to check out, so spend a week or two just taking in some new information at your leisure.

You can use water of your choosing and the recommended brand of salt of your choice. The extra added minerals will help alkalize you. If you would like to really get into some 'super water' I would like to suggest filtered water. Antioxidant power that is well recognized and known about. Drink more of this water, you will not have to eat as much food or supplements to get your alkalizing antioxidants!

Try these first few little baby steps first. Then when you are feeling a lot better, add some other good things to your diet and lifestyle. Think of what you have just accomplished with water and salt! Everything else you decide to add to this will only be a complement to it.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Water, The Missing Nutrient

As close as a lot people ever get to drinking enough water to enhance their health is in just paying it lip service. Then, there are those that not only talk about how health beneficial drinking water is, they actually drink it. These folks try to help spread the good news around. But more times than not, they get shot down by the crowd of negativity. For some reason it makes for a lot juicier of a story to tell others how rotten they are feeling, as opposed to how good they could be feeling. Figure that one out?

Did you know that water is such a special substance, that you can not replace it with soda, alcohol, coffee, tea or juice? Caffeinated and alcoholic beverages cause the body to lose water due to their diuretic effects, and sugary beverages must have the dilution of water to keep blood sugar levels from spiking to high.

Water is is the universal solvent that distributes nutrients from our diets in the proper amounts within body cells. Our body's water reserves affects energy levels, clearer thoughts and stable emotions. Those are the symptoms we are aware of most of the time, and the overall health effects of many other necessary functions inside of us that we are not so aware of half of the time.

Did you know that way before you even begin to realize that you are thirsty, dehydration has already begun setting in for quite some time? Thirst is not a reliable indicator that your body needs more water. But, here are a few of the minor signals you can learn to reliably recognize as water shortages such as mild headaches, fatigue, brain fog and dry skin.

Water also helps us get rid of excessive toxins through the elimination processes in breathing, sweating and urination. Lack of water for long extended periods of time will result in all body systems slowing down considerably, or shutting down to the point you can no longer move, think or feel the way you would like. By the time the damage is serious enough to go see a doctor, the test results will only show you a picture of what has happened.

Water is not listed on the food pyramid guide out of ignorance, because so many view water as void of any meaningful nutrition. I am begging to argue with that point of view. That depends on the water source that you happen to be drinking from! Water that has essential minerals in it is good for you!

Ionized water has been a long recognized source of high antioxidant power. A more abundant source of antioxidants than what can be found in food alone. Water should be considered the primary dietary source of antioxidants, with food as a complimentary secondary source. Why is ionized water considered to be more health beneficial than non-ionized water?

1. alkalinity (higher pH) neutralizes excessive acid 2. smaller molecule structure (penetrates cells quicker) 3. ability to reduce oxidation waste residue and flush it out of your body

Now the big question is not whether electric water ionizers work, because most any popular brand of electric water ionizer does. The bigger question is how much of a water ionizer can I afford to have, or be without? Keep in mind the main reason why most people want to get one to begin with, is to just drink the water for improving their health. Any other extra side benefits such as acidic water for disinfecting, or beauty water for personal hygiene care may not be worth the over inflated cost to them. Not to mention the superior filtering capability of the non-electric filter system vs the mediocre filtering ability of the much higher priced electric units.

Eliminating more toxins from our water supply helps us get rid of them, when we pick them up through other sources. And the really cool part is, a less complicated design equals just as good of ionized drinking water in the end. So now more people can take advantage of the opportunity than ever before. How many chances do you get to see a superior ionized drinking water delivery system for less money instead of more?

Price difference between the highest priced electric ionized water system on the U.S. market is now priced at over $4,000.00. The new antioxidant water filter rings up at $400.00. Quite a difference! Of course, there are more moderately priced electric units on the market too. But, even they are priced in the $1,500. dollar range. Still, quite a difference, and much more of a hassle to maintain than the non-electric one. Unless you can comfortably afford the price ranges of the electric models, I believe the one with the better filter is the wisest choice, even if money is not a problem.

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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Water and Salt Cures Nearly Everything!

I am a big fan of Dr. Batmanghelidj, M.D. He has wrote several books on the subject of the water Rx for a healthier pain free life. This man spent the last 20 years of his professional medical career telling anyone who would listen about the incredible medicinal properties of water.

The only catch to his water cure is, you must be willing to give up caffeine, alcohol, and sodas, and add health beneficial (unrefined) salt to your diet. Salt that is not bleached white! That is, if you are serious about curing yourself of your health problems. Especially, when beginning the program for the first time.

After you have seen the results for a good long while, you can treat yourself to a beer or two, or even a soda every now and then. Just make sure you get in your quota of water on most days. What hangs most skeptics up on these requirements is, they will whine about giving up beverages that have become a dehydrating habit in their life. To the point that it has made them extremely sick!

One of Dr. B's good friends, Bob Butts of Cee Kay Auto Parts, was so very impressed with the water cure in his own life, that he has spent thousands of dollars on a web site of his own, water cure 2, dedicated to helping spread Dr. B's message. He does it for free, and for the good of humanity. There is a lot of information you can access on Bob's site. I really like the YouTube video links (by the way).

Dr. B does recommend that if you are concerned about the quality of water you are drinking to cure yourself, you may want to invest in some type of a home water filtration system. He does not, nor does Bob, promote any specific brand of water, or water filtration systems. They leave that up to the individual and your circumstances.

I believe in ionized water wholeheartedly. Why? Because I have been drinking it for a year, and have experienced a noticeable difference between it and regular tap water. Here are some of my observations after 6 years on the water cure; improved sleep, sharper mental perception, increased energy and nicer looking skin. I just love those little things, and never want to give it up. I feel ionized water is more energizing than regular tap water, plus I feel much better knowing that my water is filtered with a really good filter. How are you going to constantly keep up with what may be leaking into your tap water source by surprise, even if you have your water tested regularly? Which, most people don't bother to do very often.

You got to watch out for misinformation on ionic water though, because there are a few bogus information web sites out there that will try to get you to believe ionized water is a big scam. Rob Thomas knows a lot about water, and I would trust his independent reviews on the pros and the cons of the two different types of water ionizers (electric vs. non-electric) that are available.

I will say this in closing, the opinions expressed on this blog are mine. Take what you can use, and pass along any helpful information you find here on to others. Thanks.

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