Sunday, May 22, 2011

Filtering Your Own Drinking Water, Seriously?

I know it is hard to imagine. Contaminated water supplies account for more physical harm in the form of preventable disease and sickness than most Americans care to think about or admit.

Most people don't really want to think about contaminated water causing possibilities such as this, little alone believe it. Most would prefer to trust our nation's public water officials. The trouble with trusting people you do not personally know, with an important subject such as clean water is, you don't know that they may not feel quite as strongly about it as you do.

Then, there are always corporate special interest groups, along with political decisions, that seem to always get in the way of cleaning up our water reserves. Until this subject gets moved up to the top of the list of important priorities, the stalemate will continue.

Many people have made the choice long ago to, at least, filter their own drinking water. There are many types of affordable home water filtration systems available. As experience has led the way in human thought expansion, many health interested researchers of all walks of life have determined that de-mineralized water is not the healthiest form of water to be drinking.

Those minerals are important to health, along with hydration and the alkaline pH. Good, clean water is the simplest, and cheapest form of medicine a sick and thirsty culture of modernized people could use. This combined, with an awareness of including more alkalizing foods in the diet, could radically change the destiny of a country that spends more on health care (per person) than any modern nation in the world.

And yet, disorders and diseases of all kinds, and in all ages, are continually rising.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Simple and Effective Allergy/Asthma Relief

It was recently brought to my attention, as one person so poignantly expressed themselves, "my allergies are so kicking my butt today." As I listened to their obvious voice of discomfort, I noticed the physical symptoms that were rather apparent.

They looked extremely tired, had puffy eyes and a post nasal drip. I said you must be miserable. I remember suffering from that condition for many years. Not only was it annoying, but it literally ran my life. But, I finally discovered it is a rather nonthreatening condition to eliminate, with 2 simple ingredients, if you know how.

I began to explain how it really is a two-pronged approach. First there is a dehydration issue that is begging to be addressed, plus a mineral/sodium imbalance. If you would like to know more I can help you get over the problem for good. They looked at me in amazement, but just kept sucking up their cup of morning soda pop through a straw. Guess they weren't too interested in drinking more water to help control the problem.

I actually stumbled onto the the allergy cure by accident. I read a book called "The Calcium Factor". I gathered enough information from that book to begin supplementing my diet with coral calcium which is full of calcium, and other trace minerals. A few years later I read a book called, "You Body's Many Cries For Water." I began drinking half my body weight in ounces of water everyday.

And then, like magic my allergy problems disappeared completely!

The author of the second book explains (in chapter 9) that allergies and asthma are the result of an over production of the brain neurotransmitter histamine. Histamine is 'THE' sensor of water metabolism and its distribution inside the body. Water, combined with a natural antihistamine (salt) prevents excess histamine production.

Eventually, I quit taking coral calcium and replaced it with unrefined sea salt, stepped up my water intake and never had an allergy problem again.

A few years later, I became interested in drinking the cleanest, and best water for my body that I could possibly find.

The fact that it was very affordable was a nice and wonderful surprise too!

Why would anyone choose prescription, or over the counter drugs to treat a common health condition once they found out what the true root cause was? It might be due to just plain laziness, or a junk food addiction, that keeps them stuck in suffering. Or, they've become totally brainwashed by modern medical advertisements in wanting a quick fix.

What could be a quicker, more effective fix than salt and water? None really. Maybe they just like shopping for, and spending money on, the latest allergy drug product on the market. The problem is, though, these chemicals only exacerbate the dehydration problem inside the body even further!

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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Vitamin Waters and Sports Drinks vs. Plain Water

Wow, it's almost summer again. That means keeping ourselves properly hydrated is going to take on a whole new meaning as the heat and humidity indexes soar ever higher. When the temperature goes up our bodies need and use a lot of water. Sadly, most people do not realize that the average person does not expend enough intense physical activity to warrant the high calorie content of vitamin waters or sports drinks.

Firstly, they are mostly a bottle of sugar water. Secondly, they have a weak mixture of isolated synthetic chemical vitamins that the human body finds useless. The high sugar content also acts as a dehydration agent, actually pulling available water reserves right out of the body.
Sports drinks like Gatorade, boast electrolyte replenishing. What are electrolytes? They are minerals such as as potassium and magnesium. You can buy a sack of unrefined salt at a health food store and get those, and several other trace minerals.

The new language health speak these days is alkalinity. Trying to consume as much alkaline foods and drinks as you can, to offset the high glut of acidic foods and drinks the average person ingests.

And then, there is water. I know it's pretty dull tasting stuff to most people. For those who just can't stand the thought of drinking more of it, try squirting a little fruit juice in it. Maybe try adding a small pinch of unrefined salt, and viola you have a homemade sports drink that is much cheaper, and just as good for you!

Now back to water. You can make a truck load of CLEAN water that is alkaline, antioxidant, electrolyte water at your own kitchen sink. And again, way cheaper than buying any brand of bottled water. Plus, you know it's cleaner because you filtered it yourself. Surely that is better for you than what a beverage manufacturer can fill a bottle with and resell to you.

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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Water: A Miracle Health Cure?

Dehydration ( in it's many different physical manifestations) is the simplest health draining condition to correct. Yet, it is the most often overlooked form of health relief that will continue to mystify many people. It continues to dumbfound the masses because, the whole idea of drinking a lot of water everyday is not a very attractive idea to them.

One of the biggest excuses given, is they just don't like the taste of their tap water. I understand some of the reasons why it might taste bad. Even though drinking water is regulated in many cities in the U.S., it is treated with all kinds of bacteria killing additives, not to mention a host of chemical pollutants seep into it unaware and unwanted.

By now, we have all been exposed to a host of mainstream media reports, that are showing us all kinds of lab testing results. We now know what is in our tap water supplies, and it's not making anyone feel one bit better. Especially when we know how good for us it is to drink more water.

While it may, initially, make sense to just buy a healthier brand of bottled water to see if drinking large amounts of water does indeed improve ones health, the long term cost is to be considered too. Long term use of bottled water is very expensive.

Higher alkaline (pH) water is now considered the most healthy water to drink. Why? Because of all those -HO (negative hydrogen/oxygen) charged ions present in ionized water. Expensive electric water ionizers are not the only delivery system available now days.

That is very good news for everyone who wants cleaner water to begin with, and the health benefits of ionized water as a natural result from a better filter. NO Electricity Required! A huge step forward.

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