Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Conventional Medicine Is Not Interested In Curing Anything

It is way past time for America, and many other modernized nations, to wake up to the fact that we are drowning in debt regarding health care costs. Did you know that we all pay for this insanity when we have bought into man's drug arrogant ignorance?

If this Free solution does not help you, then what are you going to use as your excuse? This really isn't rocket science folks, and even a ten year old can understand this important health message.

The proof is in using this cure on your beloved pets. Those precious animals of ours do not drink alcohol or caffeine beverages. They are not susceptible to corporate advertising that tricks them into replacing their water intake. If we love our animals we make sure they are offered fresh water everyday. Add a 1/4 tsp. of sea salt per 1 qt. of drinking water and watch what happens to an arthritic dog! In just a matter of a few days you will notice profound changes.

Some little known salt facts:

(1) Lack of water will kill you quicker than lack of anything else besides oxygen. In the Middle Ages the worst criminals were put to death without allowing them any salt. It was the slowest most painful death known of at the time. It took about 30 days for them to die.

(2) 2000 years ago salt was used as money. In fact, the word :"salary" comes from the word salt.

(3) All warm blooded animals must have salt to live.

(4) The human brain and spine is in a sac of of salt water called CSF (cerebrospinal fluid). This liquid circulates throughout the brain and spinal cord.

(5) We all spent approx 9 mo.in our mothers belly floating in salt water ( amniotic fluid).

(6) Our tears are salty and we sweat salt.

We have been taught to fear salt, over the last 3o years or so. We have been lead into believing a salt-free diet is healthy for us. Nothing could be further from the truth! No where in this silly salt-free diet campaign was anyone of higher knowledge informing us that regular table salt has only about 3 minerals, while sea salt has over 50 trace mineral elements. BIG, BIG DIFFERENCE!

But, a myth that has been drilled into your head thousands of times is hard to let go of. Did you know that the body holds on to salt as a last resort to HOLD on to what little water reserves remain inside of you? The more chronic pain, depressed moods and clouded thinking you are experiencing, the MORE dehydrated you are! Again, it does not take a medical degree to validate this fact for yourself. You are simply not drinking nearly enough water, and way too much coffee, tea, alcohol and soda!

Your system has become acidic, from being dehydrated. And, water along with salt neutralizes the acidic burning going on inside of you. Water the great alkalizer (equalizer) to the rescue!


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