Thursday, June 16, 2011

Water, The Missing Nutrient

As close as a lot people ever get to drinking enough water to enhance their health is in just paying it lip service. Then, there are those that not only talk about how health beneficial drinking water is, they actually drink it. These folks try to help spread the good news around. But more times than not, they get shot down by the crowd of negativity. For some reason it makes for a lot juicier of a story to tell others how rotten they are feeling, as opposed to how good they could be feeling. Figure that one out?

Did you know that water is such a special substance, that you can not replace it with soda, alcohol, coffee, tea or juice? Caffeinated and alcoholic beverages cause the body to lose water due to their diuretic effects, and sugary beverages must have the dilution of water to keep blood sugar levels from spiking to high.

Water is is the universal solvent that distributes nutrients from our diets in the proper amounts within body cells. Our body's water reserves affects energy levels, clearer thoughts and stable emotions. Those are the symptoms we are aware of most of the time, and the overall health effects of many other necessary functions inside of us that we are not so aware of half of the time.

Did you know that way before you even begin to realize that you are thirsty, dehydration has already begun setting in for quite some time? Thirst is not a reliable indicator that your body needs more water. But, here are a few of the minor signals you can learn to reliably recognize as water shortages such as mild headaches, fatigue, brain fog and dry skin.

Water also helps us get rid of excessive toxins through the elimination processes in breathing, sweating and urination. Lack of water for long extended periods of time will result in all body systems slowing down considerably, or shutting down to the point you can no longer move, think or feel the way you would like. By the time the damage is serious enough to go see a doctor, the test results will only show you a picture of what has happened.

Water is not listed on the food pyramid guide out of ignorance, because so many view water as void of any meaningful nutrition. I am begging to argue with that point of view. That depends on the water source that you happen to be drinking from! Water that has essential minerals in it is good for you!

Ionized water has been a long recognized source of high antioxidant power. A more abundant source of antioxidants than what can be found in food alone. Water should be considered the primary dietary source of antioxidants, with food as a complimentary secondary source. Why is ionized water considered to be more health beneficial than non-ionized water?

1. alkalinity (higher pH) neutralizes excessive acid 2. smaller molecule structure (penetrates cells quicker) 3. ability to reduce oxidation waste residue and flush it out of your body

Now the big question is not whether electric water ionizers work, because most any popular brand of electric water ionizer does. The bigger question is how much of a water ionizer can I afford to have, or be without? Keep in mind the main reason why most people want to get one to begin with, is to just drink the water for improving their health. Any other extra side benefits such as acidic water for disinfecting, or beauty water for personal hygiene care may not be worth the over inflated cost to them. Not to mention the superior filtering capability of the non-electric filter system vs the mediocre filtering ability of the much higher priced electric units.

Eliminating more toxins from our water supply helps us get rid of them, when we pick them up through other sources. And the really cool part is, a less complicated design equals just as good of ionized drinking water in the end. So now more people can take advantage of the opportunity than ever before. How many chances do you get to see a superior ionized drinking water delivery system for less money instead of more?

Price difference between the highest priced electric ionized water system on the U.S. market is now priced at over $4,000.00. The new antioxidant water filter rings up at $400.00. Quite a difference! Of course, there are more moderately priced electric units on the market too. But, even they are priced in the $1,500. dollar range. Still, quite a difference, and much more of a hassle to maintain than the non-electric one. Unless you can comfortably afford the price ranges of the electric models, I believe the one with the better filter is the wisest choice, even if money is not a problem.

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