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Dehydration Is The Root Of Most Diseases

There should be no doubt in anyone's mind, that the most important element in becoming healthier would be to include more than enough water in the diet. Water is even essential before, and after exercise.

So why do health professionals, or the rest of modern civilization take the importance of body hydration and water for granted?

The only possible answer I can think of is that it just seems way to easy, or overly simple to even seriously consider. Yet, if the implications of a dehydrated body are true, that most diseases are really a lack of water issue as the root cause, what has one got to lose by trying to hydrate their body properly? It is not going to cost you a whole lot to find out.

This book is what I would consider recommended, or required reading on the subject of the importance of water metabolism inside the body. For nearly 20 years this short, but detailed little book has been translated into 15 languages and continues to inspire interested readers around the world.

I felt after I had read the book, and refer back to it every now and then, that it was a real gift in my life. Several of my immediate family members have read and followed the advice in the book as well. It has served us very well over the years.

After several years of drinking lots of home tap water, I became concerned about the purity, and cleanliness of my well water. There are not too many weeks go by that one does not hear about what is being found in well or municipal water supplies.There can be a big difference in the quality of water someone else thinks is safe for you to drink, and what you would consider safe.

Can your tap water make you ill? Sure it can, and these are just a few of the most common reasons. These are easy to work around or avoid, but what about the many cont
aminants that are much more difficult to remove from the water you drink?

Complete groundwater cleanup is seldom possible and is always expensive. The general rule of paying for it is to determine who is responsible for the contamination and require them to pay for the cleanup. If a responsible party can not be found or is unable to pay, then the state or federal government may be forced to accept the job. In the end, we all pay indirectly through higher taxes or product costs.

The only way to ensure your tap water is always safe to drink is to test it at least once a year. And, testing for anything other than the usual contamination sources is going to be expensive. Your water quality is constantly changing, and keeping detailed records is important if you are going to use it as proof that somebody else is the cause of your home water contamination.

Or, you can buy a decent household filtration system, and take responsibility for cleaning up your drinking water supply on your own. The beauty of this filter is that you can actually see some of the crud that it is filtering out of your tap water. Even if you think your water looks, smells and tastes pretty good, chances are there is unwanted substances dissolved in it. Take a look at Gabe's blog post for May 26, 2011. This is what the bottom end of a customer's alkaStream ceramic filter looked like after 3 months of neglected monthly cleanings.

How many other type of home water filtration systems would you even be able to get a glimpse of what they were trapping out of your water supply? I thought this picture on the alkaStream web page blog post was worth sharing with you. Now you have a better idea of the stuff you can't see, smell or taste that may be in your water. What might you be drinking that you aren't aware of?

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