Sunday, May 01, 2011

Water: A Miracle Health Cure?

Dehydration ( in it's many different physical manifestations) is the simplest health draining condition to correct. Yet, it is the most often overlooked form of health relief that will continue to mystify many people. It continues to dumbfound the masses because, the whole idea of drinking a lot of water everyday is not a very attractive idea to them.

One of the biggest excuses given, is they just don't like the taste of their tap water. I understand some of the reasons why it might taste bad. Even though drinking water is regulated in many cities in the U.S., it is treated with all kinds of bacteria killing additives, not to mention a host of chemical pollutants seep into it unaware and unwanted.

By now, we have all been exposed to a host of mainstream media reports, that are showing us all kinds of lab testing results. We now know what is in our tap water supplies, and it's not making anyone feel one bit better. Especially when we know how good for us it is to drink more water.

While it may, initially, make sense to just buy a healthier brand of bottled water to see if drinking large amounts of water does indeed improve ones health, the long term cost is to be considered too. Long term use of bottled water is very expensive.

Higher alkaline (pH) water is now considered the most healthy water to drink. Why? Because of all those -HO (negative hydrogen/oxygen) charged ions present in ionized water. Expensive electric water ionizers are not the only delivery system available now days.

That is very good news for everyone who wants cleaner water to begin with, and the health benefits of ionized water as a natural result from a better filter. NO Electricity Required! A huge step forward.

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