Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Antioxidants And The Backward Delivery System Method

Due to the short-sightedness of human nature, and dark sided emotions that often cloud rational thinking in the allowing of true progress, let's take an honest look at the health care mess we find ourselves standing in right now.

Pride comes in many forms, but usually some of the words that can be used to describe the feelings that a human uses to protect their fragile ego from disappointment are arrogance, fear and confusion. We often throw out a little disgust and anger in there too, if we feel threatened by a new form of progress. After all, change in any form often takes us by surprise, by challenging us in some large or small way. Humans always like to feel comfortable where they already are, and notoriously resist the changes that in all actuality may be really good for them.

This is where conventional (pharmaceutical) vs. Naturopathic (nutrition and herbal) medicine therapies are finding themselves, in battling it out for domination. Conventional medicine has been taking some severe tongue lashings from mainstream media sources lately. No surprises there, it was about time, it was just a long time in coming. Nutritional science, on the other hand, has a long way to go in proving to us that eating mostly super food diets and adding whole food supplements (all by themselves) can mop up this huge free-radical damaging mess going on inside our bodies. My opinion is they are both wrong to a certain degree.

When science has failed us, yet again, with a world-wide health tsunami, will human nature be able to overcome the law of inevitability? Are we going to be humbled by our experiences of what has failed us? Let us hope that we can come to some sort of agreement, for the sake of improved health for all.

I'm not knocking antioxidant supplementation, not at all, on the contrary. However, it has been delivered in such a way that, up until now, has totally been backwards to the way it could be the most beneficial, health-wise. Antioxidants in the form of negatively charged hydrogen/oxygen ions through mineral infused water molecules instead of food or pills is a way more efficient delivery method for the initial investment. Can you imagine, say a family of of 4, gobbling up thousands of dollars worth of higher end nutritional whole food supplements? Why not go with the water first, and then add supplementation as a secondary precaution?

It's been said that everybody is trying to sell you something you want or need. Your job is to figure out where to channel your spending. I find this to be very true. We deal with this economic survival structure every day.

Now, we have some real hope here. The health challenges you are facing or putting up with, because you think it can't be changed, is changing for thousands folks everyday. They were once standing where you are right now. Ionized water is not a new science, it has been around for well over 30 years. It changes the electrical imprint on water from a positive state of being, from an oxidizing, rusting, or burning and acidic ionic charged water, and changes it to a negatively charged ionic state in reducing, energizing and life giving water.

Although the science of ionized water and equipment is not new, the delivery system in the form of an antioxidant filter system is. This is great news for one main reason. Now everybody that has ever wanted to have access to it, should be able to do it without breaking their bank account!

Not only that, but this system also addresses the dirty water issues that have a lot of people concerned. Wow, that is progress!

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