Tuesday, March 01, 2011

My Water 4 Life

I consider my self to be pretty lucky, most of the time. When it comes to my health, I take it seriously, because I think to myself," if you don't have that, you have nothing else of value that really matters." Last summer I was given an opportunity to explore ionized water for the first time. Even though electric water ionizers have been available in the U.S. for more than a decade, they are still quite expensive. Not only that, but they are pretty darned expensive to maintain over the long-term as well. You have to clean them religiously, buy at least 2 (or more) filters a year, plus send them in to the factory once a year for a deep cleaning of the ionizing plates. All this extra time, plus more money being spent and being without your ionizer while it's being factory cleaned is just plain annoying. I never did like that part of owning one.

The one dirty little secret that most electric water ionizer company reps don't want to talk about much, in their marketing strategy to you, is that a separate filtering system is advised (an extra $200.00) on top of the price of the machine. Why?

Because none of these electric water ionizers have great water filters in them to begin with! And, as always, performance of the machine is always going to depend on the source water that is being run through them.

All of these factors are pretty much cost-prohibitive for the average household, who absolutely needs the health benefits that this type of water can do for anyone who drinks it.

I've shared a lot of water with folks off my electric water ionizer. It works, you don't need to doubt that! Unfortunately, no one I've shared it with wants to pay the price, become part of a MLM business structure to get one, or maintain or buy a separate water filtering system for the electric models. So the end result, the health benefits are kept away from massive amounts of people who could be positively benefited the most.

If you think bottled water is a cheaper option, or better for you than your own tap water, think again! Here are 5 reasons why a home filtration system would be a much healthier and cheaper route for your family.

For some households, a more costly and precise filtering system is going to be needed to filter out most of the unwanted fluoride that may have been added to some municipal water supplies.

In my mistake of wanting a better drinking water for my body, and for those I love, I didn't do my homework thoroughly enough. But, I did find something that, up until recently, was not readily available at the time I knew I wanted a better drinking water system for myself.

The best part of this system is, it is NON-ELECTRIC. It is a filter first and foremost, and the added side benefits are: it does produce clean, antioxidant, hydrogen rich and reduced molecule (restructured) drinking water. It will not split the water into acid/alkaline parts, so you will not be able to benefit from the unique health advantages of having access to bacteria killing acidic, or strong alkaline water.

Affordability is what Alkastream does have to offer over its electric counterparts however, and that means a lot more people can have access to a much healthier drinking water system in the very near future.

That has big implications in the the way health is going to be looked at from here on out. You really can not expect the government, your doctor or anyone else to look out for your safety. You have the power to start changing your life and health today. Just like the slogan of a competitor ionizer company tells its reps "change your water, change your life", it really is that simple!

If you are serious about investing in the health of your future, because of what you read here today, then contact Gabe Hunninghake in Lawrence, KS. Mention this blog site, or my name, as to how you found out about this amazing new type of water filtration system. The number is toll-free, and he will be more than happy to help you with a purchase.

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At 1:59 PM, Anonymous Gabe Hunninghake said...

Wow. Thanks for the nice write up Brenda. I enjoyed speaking with you yesterday and am thankful we still have good people like you sharing the benefits of ionized water with others.

Just one correction. The link to the US office is www.alkastream.us. The phone is 855-645-9220.

At 2:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gosh, I'm surprised to see someone still promoting this product. Sales were suspended pending fixing multiple design and quality problems. I live in Bend OR and know the company who was selling it ... they've had so many returns to handle they gave up. But it was/is a great concept.

I just checked out the IonWays Naia unit ... works great but it's ugly. There are other nonelectric antioxidant units available - the alkastream is really nothing new. Maybe one of them will come through with a great price point on something that looks good and works consistently.

At 8:09 PM, Anonymous Brenda Skidmore said...

Hi anonymous, it would have been nice if you would have included your name with your comment.

I happen to know of a lady from Bend, OR named Marissa Morningstar. You would't happen to know her too?

I approached her a few months ago about becoming an Alkastream affiliate marketer. She seemed pretty sure I needed to buy a unit first before I could do that.

She never got back with me. However, Rob Thomas @ Water FYI phoned me and told me there were some marketing compliance issues involved with the suspension of sales.

Gabe Hunninghake of Lawrence, KS has also been in contact with me, and highly recommends an AlkaStream unit from his personal experience of using one over the last several months. His site is We Are What We Absorb. Both gentlemen seemed to be very interested in promoting the company to me.

I guess at this point in my ionized water learning curve, is it's fair to say I don't know what you are talking about, as I don't currently own one at this time.

But, I'm willing to help market one for the company in exchange for earning one to have of my own to check it out for myself.

At 6:26 AM, Anonymous Brenda Skidmore said...

Hi Anonymous, I was told by 2 very reputable gentlemen it had more to with marketing compliance problems.

AlkaStream may not be a new concept now, as others have scrambled to meet the demand in the market. It's considered healthy competition I think.

Bend, OR. That name sounds familiar. You wouldn't happen to know Marissa Morningstar?


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