Monday, December 20, 2010

My Water 4 Life

What we are continuing to learn about medicine and health over the last century may not have been so obvious to the casual and trusting consumer. But, I and millions of other people, have been blindly participating in one of the grandest experiments ever performed on mankind, animals and the outdoor environment at large. The progressive need for chemical interventions in the forms of pharmaceuticals, herbicides and pesticides to combat the day-to-day grind of living life on Earth, has many people now embracing the exact opposite approaches.

It was once considered (not all that long ago) to be very weird for one to be a natural health food fanatic. Now, millions of folks who are fed up with being told they have incurable diseases, and disorders, are doing exactly just that. They are shunning chemical solutions, as much as possible, and embracing higher-end nutritional supplements, exercising more often and drinking more water.

This shift of consciousness is becoming more noticeable every day, as literally millions of folks are trying to get healthy and fit, and make a few extra bucks to supplement their ever decreasing incomes. A lot of folks financial futures have been looking rather bleak over the last couple of years or so. Multilevel marketing (MLM) companies that promote natural health products of all different natures are enticing those who have health issues, serious or not, to join their memberships.

While supplementing your diet with higher-end nutritional supplements to reverse problematic health issues, or trying to prevent any from developing, is a noble thing to do, although it can be very expensive. Especially, if you are bugging your family and friends to buy these products to get yours at a lower rate, free or make extra money. Most MLM companies require annual membership or distributorship dues, plus they require you to move a certain amount of product every month. Quite possibly, you are even responsible for delivery of the product to your customer.

Most will give up after a year or two, and be looking for another opportunity to advance their health and pocketbooks. Sound familiar?

I've been there too. In fact, several times. I do know that most of us do not eat a pristine diet from day-to-day. So, supplementing is a good thing, but it can be focused on to the extreme. No one, and I mean all most no one, ever thinks about water. They may be buying it, because they don't feel their tap water is safe, but never go farther than that.

If you think water is to simple of an idea to radically change anyone's health, then watch this 20 minute demonstation.

I know that a lot of people are skeptical about water's ability to help anyone regain a better physical ability to thrive. But, I think it's fair to say that ionized water may eventually take its rightful place among all the other natural health care options one day soon.

Consider this fact,anything that is previously 'unknown' has to go through 3 stages: (1) it is ridiculed (2) then it is violently opposed (3) finally accepted as self-evident.

This may seem grossly inappropriate at making a point regarding ionized water's health benefits, but it will cause some to think more deeply on a subject than they ever have previously done before now. It takes about an hour and a half to watch this 2010 documentary film called Water-The Great Mystery, but I think it merely only touches on the tip of the iceberg about what we do , or do not, know about a substance that literally every living thing on this planet depends on to survive.

I'm just saying...

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Brenda Skidmore
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