Friday, December 10, 2010

My Water 4 Life

Back to Dr. B's book, and his simple message on bodily pain. He writes, "It is all too easy to assume these signals as complications of a serious disease process and begin to treat signal-producing dehydration with complicated procedures. When water by itself will alleviate the condition, medications or invasive diagnostic procedures may be forced on the person. It is the responsibility of both patients and their doctors to be aware of the damage chronic dehydration can cause in the human body."

Wow, do you realize what this one blunt statement implies? How much more simply could this one common, nagging health problem among humans (of all ages) be resolved if they only knew the answer was staring them right in the face.

The trouble is, many will not believe in it, or even allow this profoundly simple remedy to enter their lives. Coffee, tea, sodas and many other beverages being drank throughout the day dominates most people's fluid intake. They feel they need a pick-me-up and only those types of drinks will help them. A simple glass of water will not be considered, as most folks have no desire for the taste of it.

But, bottled water sales are surpassing soda sales these days. Since 2005, bottled water sales have surpassed soda sales. In fact, a lot of people are becoming very aware that drinking water is good for you. They just don't trust their tap water. They are buying bottled water at an alarming rate, which is filling up our landfills with tons of empty water bottles annually. Just about anyone who watches the television or reads a newspaper has heard about this problem in California. The governor in that state has banned all bottled water sales in government buildings to try and help alleviate problem.

To top that, news report after news report indicates, that many bottled water sources are not to be trusted. It has been noted that well water, in many cases, is safer than municipal water systems.

So, what's a person to do? You want to drink more water because you know that it's healthy and good for you, but you don't know where to get truly healthful water.

Several months ago I was thinking this very same thing. One day while surfing Twitter I found something that really piqued my interest. I researched it as best I could for about 4 months before I made a decision. Every time I watched a product demonstration of this technology, I found myself wanting to own one of these.

I was drinking lots of water already. Many of my friends and family would tell you this, if you had a chance to ask any of them. When I first began doing what Dr. B recommends I lost 10 lbs. right off the bat (30 days). I had more energy, less muscle fatigue and pain, and felt pretty good about myself in general. The weight came off, 40 lbs. total, and I felt great for about a year.

Over time though, I began to question my tap (well) water. Suddenly, I began to loose some of the health benefits I had enjoyed just a few years before. In other words, I maxed out on the water drinking. I gained back 10 lbs., and was starting to feel fatigued and sluggish again. I thought, "Dr. B. only mentions tap water in his books, and they were written over 20 years ago, before we all became aware of water safety and quality."

Decision made. I purchased a SD-501 this summer. What a difference in waters! All I can say now, is I will never regret having this technology in my home. The ease of making my own drinking water is saving me money in the long run. Sure it is quite an investment, upfront. You just have to look ahead in what it is saving you in 15 to 20 years. I was spending this amount of money already on bottled waters, herbs and nutritional supplements (some high dollar ones) and organic foods.

Some folks will spend it on prescription drugs, insurance premiums, Dr. visits, the list is endless but I think you get the point.

Does ionized water really work? I'm just saying, YES!

If you have any questions, want more info call me 417-253-4345, email, or let's get together on Skype (brenagail7).


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