Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Water 4 Life

On my drive home from work this evening, a thought entered my mind in a way that I had never looked at in this particular way before. Today, I was just observing a few of my work mates. Normally, they are a fun loving and crazy bunch to work with. Today, however, there seemed to be a little tension in the air. I was in a good mood, but several others were clearly feeling a little down.

The joking around and laughing that normally goes on while we're working together was a bit stiff and strained. We all have our days I thought to myself. A couple of my young friends were having significant other relationship problems, and were suffering from I-just-want-to-be-loved, and love-you syndrome.

Suddenly, while I was driving home in the car, a light-bulb idea kind of moment hit me.

Humans are really just light beams of love. Whether we are giving it or receiving it, 'love' fills us up with energy, hope and happiness. A very wonderful feeling, and one that is very addictive (in a good way). When we won't allow ourselves to give or receive this feeling of inspiration we feel absolutely miserable inside.

Now, that is the feeling I felt when I first found this special kind of active hydrogen water that contains more available oxygen. When I had faith in the person who turned me on to this was just trying to love me in a way that I had never been loved before, I was inspired to do the same for others that needed the health benefits this water had to offer them.

But, I feel sad and hurt when others look upon me with suspicion in trying to present this awesome new technology to them. You see, this reduced water technology isn't really new at all. In fact, it has been used in Japan for well over 30 years, with the 'Japanese Health Ministry' (the same as our FDA) endorsing it as effective, high grade medical equipment.

Just because people in the the United States have not ever heard of this medicinal wonder, does not make it some kind of snake-oil trap. And, I do feel sad for the overweight, obese, and sick when they don't feel their health is worth the price.

I also wonder how much money they have spent up until now, and will in the future, to address a basic deydration disaster going on inside their bodies. I realize some will let the love come to them, and some will not.

Dr. B. writes the question, and gives us the answer; Q: Why are 30% of Americans over-weight?
A: Because of a most basic confusion! "They don't know when they are thirsty: they also don't know the difference between "fluids" and "water."

"Water is the cheapest form of medicine to a dehydrated body. As simply as dehydration will in time produce the major diseases we are confronting now, a well-regulated and constantly alert attention to daily water intake will prevent the emergence of most of the major diseases we have come to fear in our modern society."

So what am I trying to say here?

When I offer to share this 'Super' water with you, I'm trying to show you that I love you, and care about how your feeling. I would also like to see you thrive by showing and telling others about this too. And, that's loving you in a way that you've probably never been loved before.


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