Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Water 4 Life

Global health care, as we currently know it today, is on the verge of an eventual implosion. There simply is not enough money in the world now, nor will there ever be, in continuing to prop this system up the way it stands now. Rest assured though, it will balance itself out one way or another. It will do this despite all the well meaning (or should I say self-serving) ways of those who think they need to control the way they think it ought to go. Always for the good of the masses, who just aren't intelligent enough to figure things out for themselves, much less their morbid health.

In fact it has been described as a ponzi scheme no different than that of Bernard Madoff''s massive fraud, only much bigger!

Conventional health care is becoming a dying profession, and that is not a bad thing. Natural health care is definitely where the future of health care is going. But no super food diet, or upper end food based supplements ( used alone ) is going to have near the impact that ionized water is going to have on your health. In combination with the ion water, would deliver their life enhancing effects much quicker. Just think of the bang for your buck you will get out them in the long-range! This guy can explain this negative hydrogen/oxygen science much better than I can. It's only a 20 minute read or less, I promise. Not just your health, but think of the health of your family pets too!

It's all in the water, no joke. Why wouldn't anyone want to filter their water, when you get a glimpse of where the future of recycled water is headed? If you don't think this idea is seriously flawed in it's logic, what state of denial are you in?

Ionized water is not a new concept at all. Yet, it is not spreading like wildfire like it could be either. Why? Not because it is a scam, far, far from it actually. It's because of the cost. My mistake was not in taking a risk by trying it, it was just that in my excitement of the whole idea making total sense to me, I paid to darned much for the equipment! That is what I'm trying to help save you from doing. Don't let someone try to sell you an over priced electric water ionizer, when this non-electric model will produce way cleaner, and ionized water to boot, for a much cheaper initial investment. It also only requires a 1 to 2 filter replacement (s) a year depending on your tap water source. Filters are only $100.00.

I only have 2 questions for you after reading this post. (1) Where do you think the future of your health is headed, if you don't take some sort of different action than what you have taken before? (2) What would you like your health to be in your overall experience of life? Think honestly before you answer those questions, I only asked so that you would really think about your answers before you reply.

I have drank ionized water for 9 months. When I go 2 days without it my energy level takes a noticeable decline, and my inability to sleep soundly returns. I share it with my mother, ex-mother-in-law, ex-husband and 76 year old neighbor. None of them forget to come back and fill their gallon jugs. All of them continue to use the electric ionizer in my home, but none of them have been able to justify the cost of having one themselves, or the extra expense of an added filtration system before it enters the machine. Yet, they like what the water is doing for them individually.

I don't blame them, I only wish I had stayed on the fence a little bit longer. If I had waited just a few more months before I acted, I could have taken a lot cheaper route. Plus, I would have been just as satisfied with the results.

Do I receive incentives from the above alkaStream link . Yes, but it is not as huge as you may think, because the unit is not overpriced. That will not attract a lot of high rolling MLMers, because they don't see it as a highly profitable product. It is a desirable product though, and 1 person at a time is good enough for me. Making a difference for others is the only reward I'm really after. And, if that turns out to be profitable in the end, then that would be a nice added bonus I wasn't counting on too.

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