Friday, April 01, 2011

The Next Most Wanted Household Appliance

I know, there always seems to be an endless stream of great new electrical appliance upgrades for the home. All of which are vying for your attention in slick marketing ad campaigns. It really is hard to determine which one of those new and shinny, electrical gadgets would serve your needs the best, isn't it?

Obviously, a lot of non-useful choices are made everyday. Otherwise, you would not be able to get such great deals at neighborhood garage sales, or on E-Bay, right?
With that thought in mind, I'm just going to get right down to why I believe the next most wanted household appliance of the next generation is going to be a water ionizer.

It has to do with the tremendous usefulness of 'ionized' water in itself, for anyone who has medical health issues. How many people do you know of, who have been taking maintenance doses of medications for years? You can spend a lot of time (and I mean a whole lot of time) 'Google ' searching the internet on the health benefits associated with drinking it. Of course if you are a skeptical sort of person, you will also be able to find some evidence from various sources to back up your suspicions. All-in-all though, I believe you will find more supportive evidence in favor of it than not.

Now it gets a little complicated, because there are just too many choices of electric water ionizers out there. Keep in mind that this creative, although high priced, water invention does work. There are simply too many people that have tried it, and loved what it does for them, to dispute the thousands of health improvement testimonials. And, there are many reputable brands to choose from, that do work. You can find out a lot of discriminating information about the different brands of electric water ionizers by visiting the blog site of Rob Thomas. The blog site of another up-front friend of mine is Gabe Hunninghake. Just ask them all the questions you can think of, they will take the time to answer you! Because their only motivation is to see more people getting the health benefits of this water.

Wish I would have found both of them when I started out. Hey, there are never any mistakes, only what you learn from them.

Seriously, if a thirty year old invention is ever going to become a mainstream household appliance, it is going to have to be comparable in price to that of other household appliances, right? The only difference being what extra bells-and-whistles you choose to spend your money on.

This is not an impossible idea anymore, and this little non-electric water filter canister will help it become a common appliance real soon. Some day you may be able to go to Wal-Mart and buy one of these things right off the shelf for half the price it is selling for today. Who knows, that may actually happen.

But until then, people will already recognize the ionizer is just as useful as a washing machine is at cleaning up dirty laundry. Only this thing will mop up the dirty acid build-up mess inside of them.

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