Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Acidifying Effects of Stress

Have you ever given any thought to what single common denominator affects our physical health the most? While thoughts seem very scattered among the conventional and natural health care field on the various causes, both usually agree that 'stress' is the largest contributor.

While I do believe diet, lifestyle and cleaner living plays a role, getting happier about the parts of one's life that may not be nearly as satisfying as it could be out trumps them all. We live in a modern world that relies heavily on technology as the end all, be all to all of our problems. I'm not against technology, hardly, it comes in pretty handy to put this blog post up. It helps me relieve some of my stress, by putting some of my thoughts down into words that could possibly make a difference in this crazy world.

Goodness knows we are subjected to a million multimedia mega bite clips every single day through exposure to cell phones, television, radio, and the internet. Although a lot of this can be considered really great, there is a downside too. Stress is everywhere via the super information highway. When you take in more than your mind can handle, limit your exposure to it.

Instant messaging and texting doesn't feel as good to me as old fashioned face-to-face communication. The absence of voice tone and facial/body cues leaves a lot to one's imagination in message interpretation often times. But then again, it sure comes in handy when you just can't be there either.

The sources of stress are pretty much endless. We've lost our intuitive feel good nature. The effects of stress sometimes feels like a saber toothed tiger is chasing us down for dinner. We feel that instinctive need to run away least we get eaten alive. That feeling of danger, which can also be described as anger, guilt or confusion is the acidic mother-load equivalent of an artificial chemical!

The affects of stress eats us up from the inside out from the slurry of acidic emotions we blame on the, unpredictable, outside world. Maybe, just maybe it is the other way around? It has been said that positive emotion or talk has a direct impact on water.

The experiments and ideas of those mentioned on this page have awakened millions to the concept that there is a lot of stuff we never knew about water. The concept of using water as a healing therapy is not new. However, I think we got to get beyond what we think we know about water before we can begin to seriously consider it!

Most people ( me included ) need some actual positive proof we can feel inside our body. It simply is not enough to get visual pictures that we can lovingly talk to our water before we drink it every day. Besides, life does get up in our face sometimes, and the will to do good weakens inside most of us.

I have been drinking ionized water long enough to know how it makes me feel now. It's been 9 months. Besides the normal side effects most people experience from drinking it like softer skin, increased energy and better sleep, I have noticed something else over that last 3 months.

In my initial phase of getting my feet wet, by just getting an ionizer and start drinking the water, I discovered I lost a few extra pounds I had been wanting lose. So that was another positive aspect I wasn't counting on. But, over the last 3 months a sudden string of losses in my life was causing me to overeat. I knew I was doing it.

In the past, this would have caused me to gain weight. But, amazingly I have not done that this time. Along with the food, I also drank the heck out of this ionized water. I'm still wearing the same clothes with no need to move up to a larger size. Do you know how profound that fact is?

To me that is all the positive proof I need! And it is < affordable. If I can keep off the extra pounds due to stressful life situations, what else is it doing for me?

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