Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Causes of Cancer

Nuclear power plant meltdown scares have been a big part of the world news scene over the last couple of weeks. My heart goes out to those in Japan who have had their lives seriously disrupted by the earthquake, and the inevitable tsunami that soon followed. As horrifying as the vivid pictures of the devastation are, I'm trying to imagine the ensuing loss of life beyond the cruelty of 'Mother Nature'.

You know, the one man has perpetuated upon himself in the aftermath of toxic nuclear poisoning leaking into the environment and atmosphere. To me that is where the real travesty lies ahead for everyone. Contaminated soil, water and in the tissues of the living with some of the most vile chemicals that are admittedly known to cause cancer.

Can you imagine the untold amount of suffering that will take place years afterward, in the loss of life due to radiation poisoning?

Here is something I find irritatingly ironic, yet almost hilariously funny at the same time. The American Cancer Society says until there is a known cure, they will continue to raise money until a cure is found. Yet they continue to rationalize and promote the cause of cancer as a viable medical treatment. If radiation causes cancer, why are they trying to cure it with more radiation?

Natural health web sites have been encouraging the stockpiling of iodine supplements to use as a prophylactic thyroid gland safeguard. That's all well and good, but that just protects one important gland in our body, what about other important tissues and organs? Besides, there has been such a run on iodine supplements in the last week they are somewhat hard to find, not to mention a bit marked up in price by now.

For every thing that we unintentionally create for ourselves, whether it be positive or negative, there is a way to change the outcome. There are many ways to protect your health besides what you may have learned about up until now.

A nuclear power plant meltdown ( no matter where it happens ) may seem like insurmountable odds against long term survival, but aren't we all subjected to a barrage of questionable man-made chemicals every day we live here?

Do you think drinking a large amount of clean filtrated ionized water makes about as much good sense as some of the other suggestions mentioned above, at helping you get rid of excessive acidic toxic wastes? I'm really not versed or credentialed on the subject of the acid/alkaline imbalance going on within us.

But this gentleman comes pretty darned close. He can explain it about as simply as anyone I know. And for those of you who are more of a visual or audio learner this one is for you.

For the ones who learn better by reading, just drop me a comment with your email included. I will be more than happy to send you a PDF file. You can keep it and pass it along to others you think might be interested. One person at a time. For those who aren't obviously getting it or interested, I just say okay. Next?

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