Sunday, April 17, 2011

Facebook Status Chain Message Posting

Lately, I've noticed several people on my Facebook friends list posting a certain chain message as their status. I applaud their well meaning intentions. I know that through their eyes this seems like a good thing to do. It makes them feel better to post it.

The message has something to do with remembering a loved ones current battle, or lost fight against cancer. The message also mentions something about the individual's wish for a cure for the disease in 2011.

It got me to thinking why I didn't feel good about wanting to post something like this on my status. The first thing I thought of was, that I really did not want to remember a loved ones battle against the disease at all. The memories of their unhappiness in not being healthy and well is enough to keep us all apart from the cure that is already here.

I do believe people cure themselves of cancer, and many other unwell conditions every single day. There are many success stories, you just have to look around for them. If you keep looking for evidence of that on The American Cancer Society's web page, or The American Medical Association's web page, you probably aren't going to find it on either one.

But, there is evidence that there are doctors taking cancer cures places it has never been before. If you think differently about where to find evidence, you will find positive information to back up your thinking about it.

Many conventionally trained doctors are beginning to recognize the power of positive attitudes towards healing diseases of all kinds. Some are even encouraging lifestyle habit changes to help get the ball rolling. If your doctor does not, then ask for one that will recommend things like dietary changes, yoga or meditation. Does not matter what it is, as long as it helps the patient feel good about what they are doing to help themselves.

All of these things are relevant to inducing positive feelings. All of it matters.

How about a cleaner source of daily drinking water? Clean, meaning as free of as many unwanted contaminants as humanly possible at this time.

How about a drinking water that is loaded with more antioxidant power than food? This is due to a filter that can control excessive (good and bad) minerals in you tap water, while infusing your source water with just the right amount of beneficial minerals your tap water may not naturally have?

What about a source of drinking water that tumbles downward through a filter in a swirling 'vortex' like motion, creating a smaller molecule structured water that penetrates every thirsty cell and tissue throughout your body more efficiently? It also gives you more energy by adding more oxygen to your blood.

If you buy bottled water, how much does it cost you a year? That probably depends on the brand or service you use.

This little home system is extremely cost efficient in comparison. In some cases it may actually save on household expense. If you are having health issues, it may save you a lot more! What are you paying out of pocket for your health now? What will you be paying for it in the future?

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At 5:17 PM, Anonymous Evelyn Lim said...

I recognized the benefits of drinking cleaner water some years back and fitted my kitchen with a good filter system. Like you, I believe that this is money well spent.

I don't follow the chain messages myself, except maybe one or two. I also try to be cognizant about the energetic feel from the words used before I am okay to sharing them on social network. I think that it's great that you are bringing greater awareness to what many others are not clear about! Thank you for the lovely post!


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