Sunday, April 10, 2011

What Feels Better Game

There is a little game I like to play with people when I can see how really mean they are being to themselves. It's called that tug-of-war game when battling it out for dominance in the "I'm right" about it all, that unwittingly turns out to work against them. It's a silly children's game that we've all played with someone, or a group, at one time or another.

Now, back to that other little silly game I like to play with others when I can see how their excuses are holding them apart from letting in a lot of good stuff. I call it the 'what feels better' to you game.

I'm just going to throw out some abstract statements. Pick the one that feels better to you.

(a) There is not going to be enough money in the world to help all the sick people get
(b) There is plenty of money in the world and sick people get well everyday.

(c) I know a lot of people who need prescription drugs to live a normal life.
(d) I see people for who they really are, not the illness that they have been labeled
as having.

(e) I've heard about stress being the root cause of all diseases, but I don't know how
lower my stress levels.
(f) Paying attention to my emotional reactions to uncontrollable situations helps me
manage my stress levels better.

I guess you can tell that I'm just playing around here. I don't necessarily have anything important to say, other than 'lighten up'. Life gets up in our face sometimes, and we always have a choice in how we react to it.

Emotions are the end result of the constant thought process that is going on inside our heads. These thought processes that equal our emotions are very powerful, and they have the potential to be lethal. Literally. That is something that most people do not fully understand, much less the health and wellness field. Alternative health vs. conventional health, both are pitted in a war against one another to claim dominance for 'who's right' about it all.

I tend to think that both camps are missing the boat. Logically speaking, and it is only my opinion, that neither one has a clue what water is capable of.

Now, let's play that little feel better game again.

Conventional medicine is saying you have a pharmaceutical shortage, and must be replenished with drugs.

Nutritional medicine says replenish your antioxidant shortage with a truck load of raw organic foods, and nutritional based supplements.

Both methods are very time consuming, and both cost a lot more money to use than water. Antioxidants delivered through water? Well, if that don't beat anything I've ever heard.

Which of those 3 statements feels better to you?

Back to the game:

I've listened to reports about all the drugs, industrial chemicals and sewage run off that's made its way into our tap water. Even bottled water is not considered safe.

I can filter my own tap water at home. It costs way less to do now than I've ever known about before.

Which of those 2 statements feels better to you? I think you've gotten the drift of my message.

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