Sunday, May 22, 2011

Filtering Your Own Drinking Water, Seriously?

I know it is hard to imagine. Contaminated water supplies account for more physical harm in the form of preventable disease and sickness than most Americans care to think about or admit.

Most people don't really want to think about contaminated water causing possibilities such as this, little alone believe it. Most would prefer to trust our nation's public water officials. The trouble with trusting people you do not personally know, with an important subject such as clean water is, you don't know that they may not feel quite as strongly about it as you do.

Then, there are always corporate special interest groups, along with political decisions, that seem to always get in the way of cleaning up our water reserves. Until this subject gets moved up to the top of the list of important priorities, the stalemate will continue.

Many people have made the choice long ago to, at least, filter their own drinking water. There are many types of affordable home water filtration systems available. As experience has led the way in human thought expansion, many health interested researchers of all walks of life have determined that de-mineralized water is not the healthiest form of water to be drinking.

Those minerals are important to health, along with hydration and the alkaline pH. Good, clean water is the simplest, and cheapest form of medicine a sick and thirsty culture of modernized people could use. This combined, with an awareness of including more alkalizing foods in the diet, could radically change the destiny of a country that spends more on health care (per person) than any modern nation in the world.

And yet, disorders and diseases of all kinds, and in all ages, are continually rising.

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