Saturday, May 07, 2011

Vitamin Waters and Sports Drinks vs. Plain Water

Wow, it's almost summer again. That means keeping ourselves properly hydrated is going to take on a whole new meaning as the heat and humidity indexes soar ever higher. When the temperature goes up our bodies need and use a lot of water. Sadly, most people do not realize that the average person does not expend enough intense physical activity to warrant the high calorie content of vitamin waters or sports drinks.

Firstly, they are mostly a bottle of sugar water. Secondly, they have a weak mixture of isolated synthetic chemical vitamins that the human body finds useless. The high sugar content also acts as a dehydration agent, actually pulling available water reserves right out of the body.
Sports drinks like Gatorade, boast electrolyte replenishing. What are electrolytes? They are minerals such as as potassium and magnesium. You can buy a sack of unrefined salt at a health food store and get those, and several other trace minerals.

The new language health speak these days is alkalinity. Trying to consume as much alkaline foods and drinks as you can, to offset the high glut of acidic foods and drinks the average person ingests.

And then, there is water. I know it's pretty dull tasting stuff to most people. For those who just can't stand the thought of drinking more of it, try squirting a little fruit juice in it. Maybe try adding a small pinch of unrefined salt, and viola you have a homemade sports drink that is much cheaper, and just as good for you!

Now back to water. You can make a truck load of CLEAN water that is alkaline, antioxidant, electrolyte water at your own kitchen sink. And again, way cheaper than buying any brand of bottled water. Plus, you know it's cleaner because you filtered it yourself. Surely that is better for you than what a beverage manufacturer can fill a bottle with and resell to you.

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