Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Water and Salt Cures Nearly Everything!

I am a big fan of Dr. Batmanghelidj, M.D. He has wrote several books on the subject of the water Rx for a healthier pain free life. This man spent the last 20 years of his professional medical career telling anyone who would listen about the incredible medicinal properties of water.

The only catch to his water cure is, you must be willing to give up caffeine, alcohol, and sodas, and add health beneficial (unrefined) salt to your diet. Salt that is not bleached white! That is, if you are serious about curing yourself of your health problems. Especially, when beginning the program for the first time.

After you have seen the results for a good long while, you can treat yourself to a beer or two, or even a soda every now and then. Just make sure you get in your quota of water on most days. What hangs most skeptics up on these requirements is, they will whine about giving up beverages that have become a dehydrating habit in their life. To the point that it has made them extremely sick!

One of Dr. B's good friends, Bob Butts of Cee Kay Auto Parts, was so very impressed with the water cure in his own life, that he has spent thousands of dollars on a web site of his own, water cure 2, dedicated to helping spread Dr. B's message. He does it for free, and for the good of humanity. There is a lot of information you can access on Bob's site. I really like the YouTube video links (by the way).

Dr. B does recommend that if you are concerned about the quality of water you are drinking to cure yourself, you may want to invest in some type of a home water filtration system. He does not, nor does Bob, promote any specific brand of water, or water filtration systems. They leave that up to the individual and your circumstances.

I believe in ionized water wholeheartedly. Why? Because I have been drinking it for a year, and have experienced a noticeable difference between it and regular tap water. Here are some of my observations after 6 years on the water cure; improved sleep, sharper mental perception, increased energy and nicer looking skin. I just love those little things, and never want to give it up. I feel ionized water is more energizing than regular tap water, plus I feel much better knowing that my water is filtered with a really good filter. How are you going to constantly keep up with what may be leaking into your tap water source by surprise, even if you have your water tested regularly? Which, most people don't bother to do very often.

You got to watch out for misinformation on ionic water though, because there are a few bogus information web sites out there that will try to get you to believe ionized water is a big scam. Rob Thomas knows a lot about water, and I would trust his independent reviews on the pros and the cons of the two different types of water ionizers (electric vs. non-electric) that are available.

I will say this in closing, the opinions expressed on this blog are mine. Take what you can use, and pass along any helpful information you find here on to others. Thanks.

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