Sunday, June 19, 2011

What's Salt Got To Do With The Water Cure?

If, or when, you ever get a chance to read a really important little book about how water can make a huge difference in your health, you'll wonder why in the world you you didn't pay attention before now! "Your Body's Many Cries For Water", should be a book that every household owns, and passes on down to each generation like the Holy Bible has been.

Only this little book will make an even bigger difference in people's lives, because it will be a simple lesson that nearly everyone will feel and notice right away. Along with the 'water cure' recipe, it is recommended that you use celtic sea salt along with the water drinking. It's very important you do, so pay very, very close attention when you get to that chapter in the book called, " A Salt Free Diet Is Utterly Stupid".

Don't get to caught up the type of salt you buy, other than absolutely stay away from the .99 cent white bleached salt. A brand that I have used exclusively for a very long time is a sea salt that comes from a salt mine in Redmond, Utah. It is very easy to find in health food/grocery stores across the U.S., and will be cheaper than celtic or Himalayan salt, because it is not imported from outside the continent. I find a super great buy on mine at my local Amish bulk food store.

If you are in doubt about the water/salt cure to robust health, you might be interested in trying it on your pet first. Many folks will just dismiss the information I am providing here in total disbelief. But, if they have a beloved dog or cat that is suffering terribly they will usually try something like this on their pet before they will on themselves. Flip through some of the testimonials on this web page and see if it makes a believer out of you.

There are lots of links on this site to check out, so spend a week or two just taking in some new information at your leisure.

You can use water of your choosing and the recommended brand of salt of your choice. The extra added minerals will help alkalize you. If you would like to really get into some 'super water' I would like to suggest filtered water. Antioxidant power that is well recognized and known about. Drink more of this water, you will not have to eat as much food or supplements to get your alkalizing antioxidants!

Try these first few little baby steps first. Then when you are feeling a lot better, add some other good things to your diet and lifestyle. Think of what you have just accomplished with water and salt! Everything else you decide to add to this will only be a complement to it.


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