Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Water 4 Life

From 4:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon until about 8:00 a.m. this morning it has been snowing in SW Missouri. When I jumped out of bed this morning at 6:15 a.m. it was still snowing lightly. Wind picked up a little, but luckily it did not blow the stuff around and drift like the last snow fall we had.

I just thought to myself, "well now you're going to have to shovel that stuff off everything, if you want a clear path to the front door and garage". Really, I wasn't looking forward to doing it, but what the heck. I think I have worked harder when I mow my big yard in the summer.

I'm nearly 52 years old, and I'm happy to say that I really don't feel like I'm compromised physically for my age. I began my day, just like everyday, with drinking water from my 'Kangen' SD-501 water machine. I usually drink a couple 12 oz. glass fulls when I first get up, and before I drink a cup of coffee or tea. I've been told that this water has extra negatively charged hydrogen molecules in it for increased energy and stamina. It must be so, because I can feel it. And, everyone that I have given water to try has said the exact same thing. I have been drinking this energizing water every single day for 7 months.

While shoveling that garage pad out in front of my double door garage, I was thinking how big of an area that it actually was. But, half way through it, I knew I was going to get the job done. I felt a little winded from time-to-time, but just kept pacing myself. Finished before noon! Yea, what a beautiful job! Now I'm here telling you about how great it made me feel to do this with out the help of my 23 year old son. It is awesome to be able to have this advantage over my health, and you could too!

I know I'm not in these pictures, but there was no one around to take them of me while I was doing this. My two dogs were out enjoying and playing in the newly fallen snow. So, I took pictures of them and my handy work. If you would like to join my Facebook page, and you can see my photo shots of what I've been doing today.

If you would like to know more about this special kind of water my family and I are so very fortunate to be drinking just email me at: (or)

I will try to answer your questions, or show you how to present this to other people you know and love. Getting paid for referrals, can make this an attractive business opportunity. How much fun could you have making extra money by offering someone the gift of improved health, simply through better hydration?

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I'm available, and would be happy to help you learn more about it.

Have a great day!

Brenda Skidmore

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Water 4 Life

Around six years ago I bought and read a book on the subject of drinking water. I have passed it out to a lot of my friends to read. Most of them will not take it seriously, though, and dismiss it as just to darned hard for them to do. Just the simple act of drinking more water instead of other fluids seems to turn off a lot of people. They know it would be healthy for them, but honestly, they believe improving their diet would have more of an impact on their health than drinking more water.

While it's true that getting off (or reducing) processed food and drink is a step in the right direction, it is not the complete picture.

From the moment I read "Your Body's Many Cries For Water", by F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. I knew I had found something very important everyone should have the chance to read and understand. Until I began to question the differences in water, Dr. B's sound advice only took me so far. Water is different depending on the source it comes from, and changes constantly due to many different factors that we are only just beginning to understand.

The Japanese have been working rather diligently on the science of alkalized, restructured water for well over 30 years now. Americans are often slow, sometimes, at accepting a concept they have never heard of. Or, maybe that's just human nature in general. If this technology is as wonderful as the Japanese claim it to be, why haven't we heard about it long before now?

Consider the fact that sick care in this country is BIG business. Without a constant influx of sick people coming into the current status quo system to take care of, a lot of folks would be out of work. How much does suppressing diseases cost everyone in terms of financial wealth and rob us of our health all at the same time?

Also,consider this fact, if this type of healthier drinking water has been around this long already, with literally thousands upon thousands of positive testimonials from satisfied users, then it is probably here to stay. And, you will most likely be hearing a lot more about it in the United States as a lot of people are approached about the subject in the very near future.

What is the one dreaded disease diagnosis most of us fear the very most in the entire world? If I would have to guess, I would have to say it is probably cancer. Just the mere mentioning of the word, brings up feelings of deep despair and hopelessness. It's viewed as a death sentence in most people's minds.

In closing this post, I would like to leave you with an excerpt from chapter 6 in a book written by Robert G. Wright titled "Kill Cancer Not People". It is yet another look at how reduced water can effect the outcome of a person diagnosed with cancer. Hopefully you will find it interesting reading.

Alkalized, restructured or reduced water is here to stay, when are you going to take the time to take an open minded look at it?

Monday, January 03, 2011

My Water 4 Life

Six months ago I purchased a water ionizer machine (SD-501) from a company called Enagic. I did this after nearly four months of time consuming and careful online research. There is no doubt a ton of confusion and misinformation regarding the science behind re-structured, ionized water. There are many different expert opinions over the internet to support any type of thinking a person may have on this subject. Natural born skeptic or over eager optimist, you will definitely find some expert (with impressive credentials) to back up what you want to belief on the matter.

I'll have to admit, the price of this water technology really choked me up quit a bit, at least at first. I really was more interested in what the actual results of drinking this water might do for my health, as well as any body else who might be interested in the same health enhancing results. I was way more interested in this prospect than trying to sell another machine for the company. I would just like to say right now, that I was somewhere in the middle on my feelings about what it might do. I was skeptical, and yet very curious all at the same time. I knew it just felt good and right when I looked at it for the first time, but I definitely took my time before I decided to have faith and just do it. After all, haven't we all been taken advantage of in the name health before we became aware of this water ionizing stuff?

All I know now (6 months later) is that it was pretty much well worth going for. My health as well as 5 other people I know personally have all changed and improved in tangible ways we can see and feel. Some of us more so than others. One in particular had more health challenges than the rest of us had. Some of us just have more to overcome than others for various different reasons, but I tend to think it's more a matter of habitual thought patterns than anything else. He was labeled severe 'Bi-polar' over 25 years ago and believed he could never get better due to what others believed and said about this often hard to treat mental disorder.

When he began drinking this super water produced by this machine, he only asked what kind of water this was. I told him it was healthier for him to drink than regular tap water or bottled water. He knew nothing else about it, and I did not flood him with a bunch of information that I felt would only confuse him or make him feel doubtful. Which when one tends to have a certain type of habitual thought patterns, sometimes less information is best for them. Other wise, they will tend not to let wellness into their lives.

What we currently don't know about water is a lot really. Even though this link is promoting another brand of re-structured water system than what I decided to purchase, it has a lot of useful information that directly applies to the system I did eventually decide on.

And when it comes to the so-called experts opinion on alkaline water, you will find that many of them really can't agree on this same subject themselves. Both of these well read and faithfully followed experts did not even discuss the other 2 distinct, and unique, properties that make this water so special to our health.

I'm not saying I like or dislike the way Enagic chose to market their water machines to the general public, all I'm saying is the 5 year warranty, 30 plus years of being in business, and the science behind their newest household product is what sold me their machine, not the individual distributorship marketing campaign.

If anyone is putting the company down because of that, is seriously missing out on plugging in with a lot of other faithful folks who aren't as concerned about the money it costs as they are about helping people they care about get more control over their health problems, and other areas of their lives in general.