Thursday, September 01, 2011

Besides Not Drinking Enough Water, What Is The Next Biggest Health Threat?

Next to not having the water you need everyday to do the things you want to do with it, and drink it, what is the next biggest challenge with our water supplies?

If you guessed contamination, you would be correct. Unless you've had your head in a hole in the sand over the last decade, what makes you think your water source is better than it could be? With literally hundreds of reports like this one coming out every year, what are you using as an excuse to deny the obvious?

When drought conditions strike a region, have you ever noticed how if effects the human fear factor? The scare of short water supplies gets nearly everyone in high gear. When there is a good possibility that their water may be contaminated, they want to believe a lot of people are taking care of the problem for them. So, they don't concern themselves nearly as much.

But, there is a good way to take the matter into your own hands, without costing you a fortune. It will only treat your drinking water, and not the whole house of course, but that is a great place to start.

Besides not drinking nearly enough water, most are drinking unsafe water to boot. Even if they know how beneficial drinking enough water is to their health, they've never even heard of antioxidant water. It's all about the type of filter you use to create it!

What type of filtration system are you using to clean your water? Is it ionized after running through the filter? If not...why not?

AlkaStream costs sightly more than many household water filter systems, yet costs much,much less than ALL electric water ionizer machines. What's not to love about that?


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