Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What's Your Excuse?

I regularly follow a blog called, 'Water FYI', written by a guy named Rob Thomas. I like what he has to say about water, and various other related stuff, when it pertains to health improvement. This week Rob made a comment on his August 9th post that I really agreed with, and got me to thinking as to why what he said made good sense.

He writes, "the economy is scary, but not as scary as being unhealthy".

Think about his statement for a few minutes, or think about it as long as you like. What bigger picture questions does this open up your mind to? I can think of several, and I'm sure you could too if this was an overnight homework assignment.

A few probing questions I've thought of:

(1) How many unproductive days are lost at work due to not feeling well, or ongoing chronic health issues? Doesn't matter whether you choose to stay home and nurse yourself along, or suck it up and go to work regardless of how you feel.

(2) How does systemic pain affect your overall productivity and creativity, whether that be on an everyday social level, or your lifetime income earning potential?

(3)How many people feel trapped inside the American medical disability system? Granted it's a decent temporary emergency safety net program that bides you some valuable time, until you can figure out what your going to do about your health challenges on a long term basis.

(4)Of the people that have been inside the medical disability program for two years, or longer,I wonder how many are tired of having their annual income earnings scrutinized by those in authority to kick them off the system? I wonder how many would like to find an easier, simpler, and cheaper way to handle 'diseases', 'disorders' or 'genetic malfunctions'?

Remember, the answers to these questions (or yours) are only as good as the questions you ask.

Water (clean filtered water to be more specific) is the main catalyst the modern world is wanting to turn the current health care crisis tide around for the better.

Why ionized water has remained in relative obscurity in north America, over the last dozen years or so, had mostly to do with the over idolization of the income earning potential of the product value in our culture. Not to mention, the back stabbing and name calling. Thus, creating an over inflated pricing bubble that hindered the industry, not help it. If an ionized drinking water system is not considered just as an important enough of an investment as a clothes washing machine is in the home, and its cost saving value is not appreciated for what it can truly do to help keep the inside of you clean and healthy, than an entire industry has failed itself.

Well, I'm happy to say that this has all changed, starting in late 2010! What's your excuse now?

Are you still going to complain about how things are for you now, health wise? Or, would you be willing to change a few things, and implement some new lifestyle habits that will bring about the changes you have been searching a long time for?

Initial investment for an antioxidant water filter - $329.00 plus shipping - filter replacement every 6 mo. $200.00 plus shipping a year - noticeable results (priceless).


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