Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Acidifying Effects of Stress

Have you ever given any thought to what single common denominator affects our physical health the most? While thoughts seem very scattered among the conventional and natural health care field on the various causes, both usually agree that 'stress' is the largest contributor.

While I do believe diet, lifestyle and cleaner living plays a role, getting happier about the parts of one's life that may not be nearly as satisfying as it could be out trumps them all. We live in a modern world that relies heavily on technology as the end all, be all to all of our problems. I'm not against technology, hardly, it comes in pretty handy to put this blog post up. It helps me relieve some of my stress, by putting some of my thoughts down into words that could possibly make a difference in this crazy world.

Goodness knows we are subjected to a million multimedia mega bite clips every single day through exposure to cell phones, television, radio, and the internet. Although a lot of this can be considered really great, there is a downside too. Stress is everywhere via the super information highway. When you take in more than your mind can handle, limit your exposure to it.

Instant messaging and texting doesn't feel as good to me as old fashioned face-to-face communication. The absence of voice tone and facial/body cues leaves a lot to one's imagination in message interpretation often times. But then again, it sure comes in handy when you just can't be there either.

The sources of stress are pretty much endless. We've lost our intuitive feel good nature. The effects of stress sometimes feels like a saber toothed tiger is chasing us down for dinner. We feel that instinctive need to run away least we get eaten alive. That feeling of danger, which can also be described as anger, guilt or confusion is the acidic mother-load equivalent of an artificial chemical!

The affects of stress eats us up from the inside out from the slurry of acidic emotions we blame on the, unpredictable, outside world. Maybe, just maybe it is the other way around? It has been said that positive emotion or talk has a direct impact on water.

The experiments and ideas of those mentioned on this page have awakened millions to the concept that there is a lot of stuff we never knew about water. The concept of using water as a healing therapy is not new. However, I think we got to get beyond what we think we know about water before we can begin to seriously consider it!

Most people ( me included ) need some actual positive proof we can feel inside our body. It simply is not enough to get visual pictures that we can lovingly talk to our water before we drink it every day. Besides, life does get up in our face sometimes, and the will to do good weakens inside most of us.

I have been drinking ionized water long enough to know how it makes me feel now. It's been 9 months. Besides the normal side effects most people experience from drinking it like softer skin, increased energy and better sleep, I have noticed something else over that last 3 months.

In my initial phase of getting my feet wet, by just getting an ionizer and start drinking the water, I discovered I lost a few extra pounds I had been wanting lose. So that was another positive aspect I wasn't counting on. But, over the last 3 months a sudden string of losses in my life was causing me to overeat. I knew I was doing it.

In the past, this would have caused me to gain weight. But, amazingly I have not done that this time. Along with the food, I also drank the heck out of this ionized water. I'm still wearing the same clothes with no need to move up to a larger size. Do you know how profound that fact is?

To me that is all the positive proof I need! And it is < affordable. If I can keep off the extra pounds due to stressful life situations, what else is it doing for me?

Considering a change to super water? Mention where you heard about it PLEASE. Affiliates are given special incentives, but not at your expense.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Causes of Cancer

Nuclear power plant meltdown scares have been a big part of the world news scene over the last couple of weeks. My heart goes out to those in Japan who have had their lives seriously disrupted by the earthquake, and the inevitable tsunami that soon followed. As horrifying as the vivid pictures of the devastation are, I'm trying to imagine the ensuing loss of life beyond the cruelty of 'Mother Nature'.

You know, the one man has perpetuated upon himself in the aftermath of toxic nuclear poisoning leaking into the environment and atmosphere. To me that is where the real travesty lies ahead for everyone. Contaminated soil, water and in the tissues of the living with some of the most vile chemicals that are admittedly known to cause cancer.

Can you imagine the untold amount of suffering that will take place years afterward, in the loss of life due to radiation poisoning?

Here is something I find irritatingly ironic, yet almost hilariously funny at the same time. The American Cancer Society says until there is a known cure, they will continue to raise money until a cure is found. Yet they continue to rationalize and promote the cause of cancer as a viable medical treatment. If radiation causes cancer, why are they trying to cure it with more radiation?

Natural health web sites have been encouraging the stockpiling of iodine supplements to use as a prophylactic thyroid gland safeguard. That's all well and good, but that just protects one important gland in our body, what about other important tissues and organs? Besides, there has been such a run on iodine supplements in the last week they are somewhat hard to find, not to mention a bit marked up in price by now.

For every thing that we unintentionally create for ourselves, whether it be positive or negative, there is a way to change the outcome. There are many ways to protect your health besides what you may have learned about up until now.

A nuclear power plant meltdown ( no matter where it happens ) may seem like insurmountable odds against long term survival, but aren't we all subjected to a barrage of questionable man-made chemicals every day we live here?

Do you think drinking a large amount of clean filtrated ionized water makes about as much good sense as some of the other suggestions mentioned above, at helping you get rid of excessive acidic toxic wastes? I'm really not versed or credentialed on the subject of the acid/alkaline imbalance going on within us.

But this gentleman comes pretty darned close. He can explain it about as simply as anyone I know. And for those of you who are more of a visual or audio learner this one is for you.

For the ones who learn better by reading, just drop me a comment with your email included. I will be more than happy to send you a PDF file. You can keep it and pass it along to others you think might be interested. One person at a time. For those who aren't obviously getting it or interested, I just say okay. Next?

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Antioxidants And The Backward Delivery System Method

Due to the short-sightedness of human nature, and dark sided emotions that often cloud rational thinking in the allowing of true progress, let's take an honest look at the health care mess we find ourselves standing in right now.

Pride comes in many forms, but usually some of the words that can be used to describe the feelings that a human uses to protect their fragile ego from disappointment are arrogance, fear and confusion. We often throw out a little disgust and anger in there too, if we feel threatened by a new form of progress. After all, change in any form often takes us by surprise, by challenging us in some large or small way. Humans always like to feel comfortable where they already are, and notoriously resist the changes that in all actuality may be really good for them.

This is where conventional (pharmaceutical) vs. Naturopathic (nutrition and herbal) medicine therapies are finding themselves, in battling it out for domination. Conventional medicine has been taking some severe tongue lashings from mainstream media sources lately. No surprises there, it was about time, it was just a long time in coming. Nutritional science, on the other hand, has a long way to go in proving to us that eating mostly super food diets and adding whole food supplements (all by themselves) can mop up this huge free-radical damaging mess going on inside our bodies. My opinion is they are both wrong to a certain degree.

When science has failed us, yet again, with a world-wide health tsunami, will human nature be able to overcome the law of inevitability? Are we going to be humbled by our experiences of what has failed us? Let us hope that we can come to some sort of agreement, for the sake of improved health for all.

I'm not knocking antioxidant supplementation, not at all, on the contrary. However, it has been delivered in such a way that, up until now, has totally been backwards to the way it could be the most beneficial, health-wise. Antioxidants in the form of negatively charged hydrogen/oxygen ions through mineral infused water molecules instead of food or pills is a way more efficient delivery method for the initial investment. Can you imagine, say a family of of 4, gobbling up thousands of dollars worth of higher end nutritional whole food supplements? Why not go with the water first, and then add supplementation as a secondary precaution?

It's been said that everybody is trying to sell you something you want or need. Your job is to figure out where to channel your spending. I find this to be very true. We deal with this economic survival structure every day.

Now, we have some real hope here. The health challenges you are facing or putting up with, because you think it can't be changed, is changing for thousands folks everyday. They were once standing where you are right now. Ionized water is not a new science, it has been around for well over 30 years. It changes the electrical imprint on water from a positive state of being, from an oxidizing, rusting, or burning and acidic ionic charged water, and changes it to a negatively charged ionic state in reducing, energizing and life giving water.

Although the science of ionized water and equipment is not new, the delivery system in the form of an antioxidant filter system is. This is great news for one main reason. Now everybody that has ever wanted to have access to it, should be able to do it without breaking their bank account!

Not only that, but this system also addresses the dirty water issues that have a lot of people concerned. Wow, that is progress!

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Water 4 Life

Global health care, as we currently know it today, is on the verge of an eventual implosion. There simply is not enough money in the world now, nor will there ever be, in continuing to prop this system up the way it stands now. Rest assured though, it will balance itself out one way or another. It will do this despite all the well meaning (or should I say self-serving) ways of those who think they need to control the way they think it ought to go. Always for the good of the masses, who just aren't intelligent enough to figure things out for themselves, much less their morbid health.

In fact it has been described as a ponzi scheme no different than that of Bernard Madoff''s massive fraud, only much bigger!

Conventional health care is becoming a dying profession, and that is not a bad thing. Natural health care is definitely where the future of health care is going. But no super food diet, or upper end food based supplements ( used alone ) is going to have near the impact that ionized water is going to have on your health. In combination with the ion water, would deliver their life enhancing effects much quicker. Just think of the bang for your buck you will get out them in the long-range! This guy can explain this negative hydrogen/oxygen science much better than I can. It's only a 20 minute read or less, I promise. Not just your health, but think of the health of your family pets too!

It's all in the water, no joke. Why wouldn't anyone want to filter their water, when you get a glimpse of where the future of recycled water is headed? If you don't think this idea is seriously flawed in it's logic, what state of denial are you in?

Ionized water is not a new concept at all. Yet, it is not spreading like wildfire like it could be either. Why? Not because it is a scam, far, far from it actually. It's because of the cost. My mistake was not in taking a risk by trying it, it was just that in my excitement of the whole idea making total sense to me, I paid to darned much for the equipment! That is what I'm trying to help save you from doing. Don't let someone try to sell you an over priced electric water ionizer, when this non-electric model will produce way cleaner, and ionized water to boot, for a much cheaper initial investment. It also only requires a 1 to 2 filter replacement (s) a year depending on your tap water source. Filters are only $100.00.

I only have 2 questions for you after reading this post. (1) Where do you think the future of your health is headed, if you don't take some sort of different action than what you have taken before? (2) What would you like your health to be in your overall experience of life? Think honestly before you answer those questions, I only asked so that you would really think about your answers before you reply.

I have drank ionized water for 9 months. When I go 2 days without it my energy level takes a noticeable decline, and my inability to sleep soundly returns. I share it with my mother, ex-mother-in-law, ex-husband and 76 year old neighbor. None of them forget to come back and fill their gallon jugs. All of them continue to use the electric ionizer in my home, but none of them have been able to justify the cost of having one themselves, or the extra expense of an added filtration system before it enters the machine. Yet, they like what the water is doing for them individually.

I don't blame them, I only wish I had stayed on the fence a little bit longer. If I had waited just a few more months before I acted, I could have taken a lot cheaper route. Plus, I would have been just as satisfied with the results.

Do I receive incentives from the above alkaStream link . Yes, but it is not as huge as you may think, because the unit is not overpriced. That will not attract a lot of high rolling MLMers, because they don't see it as a highly profitable product. It is a desirable product though, and 1 person at a time is good enough for me. Making a difference for others is the only reward I'm really after. And, if that turns out to be profitable in the end, then that would be a nice added bonus I wasn't counting on too.

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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

My Water 4 Life

I consider my self to be pretty lucky, most of the time. When it comes to my health, I take it seriously, because I think to myself," if you don't have that, you have nothing else of value that really matters." Last summer I was given an opportunity to explore ionized water for the first time. Even though electric water ionizers have been available in the U.S. for more than a decade, they are still quite expensive. Not only that, but they are pretty darned expensive to maintain over the long-term as well. You have to clean them religiously, buy at least 2 (or more) filters a year, plus send them in to the factory once a year for a deep cleaning of the ionizing plates. All this extra time, plus more money being spent and being without your ionizer while it's being factory cleaned is just plain annoying. I never did like that part of owning one.

The one dirty little secret that most electric water ionizer company reps don't want to talk about much, in their marketing strategy to you, is that a separate filtering system is advised (an extra $200.00) on top of the price of the machine. Why?

Because none of these electric water ionizers have great water filters in them to begin with! And, as always, performance of the machine is always going to depend on the source water that is being run through them.

All of these factors are pretty much cost-prohibitive for the average household, who absolutely needs the health benefits that this type of water can do for anyone who drinks it.

I've shared a lot of water with folks off my electric water ionizer. It works, you don't need to doubt that! Unfortunately, no one I've shared it with wants to pay the price, become part of a MLM business structure to get one, or maintain or buy a separate water filtering system for the electric models. So the end result, the health benefits are kept away from massive amounts of people who could be positively benefited the most.

If you think bottled water is a cheaper option, or better for you than your own tap water, think again! Here are 5 reasons why a home filtration system would be a much healthier and cheaper route for your family.

For some households, a more costly and precise filtering system is going to be needed to filter out most of the unwanted fluoride that may have been added to some municipal water supplies.

In my mistake of wanting a better drinking water for my body, and for those I love, I didn't do my homework thoroughly enough. But, I did find something that, up until recently, was not readily available at the time I knew I wanted a better drinking water system for myself.

The best part of this system is, it is NON-ELECTRIC. It is a filter first and foremost, and the added side benefits are: it does produce clean, antioxidant, hydrogen rich and reduced molecule (restructured) drinking water. It will not split the water into acid/alkaline parts, so you will not be able to benefit from the unique health advantages of having access to bacteria killing acidic, or strong alkaline water.

Affordability is what Alkastream does have to offer over its electric counterparts however, and that means a lot more people can have access to a much healthier drinking water system in the very near future.

That has big implications in the the way health is going to be looked at from here on out. You really can not expect the government, your doctor or anyone else to look out for your safety. You have the power to start changing your life and health today. Just like the slogan of a competitor ionizer company tells its reps "change your water, change your life", it really is that simple!

If you are serious about investing in the health of your future, because of what you read here today, then contact Gabe Hunninghake in Lawrence, KS. Mention this blog site, or my name, as to how you found out about this amazing new type of water filtration system. The number is toll-free, and he will be more than happy to help you with a purchase.

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